May 07 2018

Get Your Transfer Pricing Fundamentals Right (SMF Supported Event)

07 May 2018 02:30PM to 07 May 2018 05:30PM
Lifelong Learning Institute

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02 Apr 2018 09:00AM to 04 May 2018 06:00PM

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SMF Supported Events

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Gabriel Tan


Get Your
Transfer Pricing Fundamentals Right

(SMF Supported Event)

- Grasp the finer points of
Functional Analysis, TP Benchmarking, TP Methods

Programme Synopsis

Transfer pricing (TP) documentation is mandatory now. Not limited to larger corporations, smaller firms with cross border operations are just as affected. The Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals has organised a trio of seminars on three critical aspects of TP; Functional Analysis, TP Benchmarking and TP Methods. 

Understand the different approaches in functional analysis, know the do’s and don’ts in benchmarking analysis and learn how to ascertain the most appropriate method to apply for different related party transactions.

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Price (per session): $109 (SMF Members) or $149 (Public) 


Programme Outline

The Finesse of Function Analysis, 7 May
- Be aware of the characteristics of a well prepared
functional analysis and its role in minimising Transfer Pricing (TP) risks
- Know the systematic process to adopt in getting functional
analysis right
- Understand the different approaches in developing various
functional analysis through case studies
- Walk away with key tips to minimise common mistakes and
best practices to armour yourself against any challenges

Breakthrough with TP Benchmarking, 6 June
- Understand the rationale and
principle of benchmarking studies
- Know how to perform a
benchmarking analysis – illustrated with a case study using database
- Be aware of the do’s and don’ts
for benchmarking analysis
- Walk away with key tips to minimise risks

Sense and Sensibility of TP Methods, 20 June
- Gain an overview of the various TP methods and the key considerations when applying
- Learn how to determine and apply the most appropriate method rule
- Understand the application of TP methods for services, distribution and intercompany loans through various case studies
- Be aware of the misconceptions and errors and learn of the dos and don’ts

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