Jun 24 2018

Singapore Manufacturing Federation Business Mission to Bangkok, Thailand (24th-27th June 2018)

24 Jun 2018 02:00PM to 27 Jun 2018 08:00PM
Bangkok, Thailand

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15 May 2018 12:00AM to 15 Jun 2018 08:00PM

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Leon Chong


With the introduction of Thailand 4.0 in May 2016, the Thai Government has formulated many policies to attract investors to Thailand. The industrial policy aims to attract new investment towards transforming the Thai economy. With the 4.0 strategy,  Thailand envisions to create an eco system for innovative technology-based manufacturing and services. The 3 main aims of the 4.0 strategy are to elevate Thailand to the status of a high-income nation; to reduce inequality, and to promote environmentally sustainable growth and development. 

Mr Douglas Foo, President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation will be leading this Singapore mission to Thailand which  will cover the greater Bangkok city area. Bangkok is the capital and largest city in Thailand. As a metropolitan city with a thriving population of close to 10 million inhabitants, Bangkok is the business centre for Thailand. 
Several opportunities exist for Singapore companies to expand to Thailand in areas such as sectors for medical technologies, life sciences, construction,  smart city development, infrastructure, fintech, F&B, retail, automation, agro and aquatech, services, consultancies, etc. We urge companies to participate.

The business mission will allow Singapore companies to identify project which companies can tap on to work together as a group in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces of Thailand.

Delegates will also have opportunities to join high level meetings with the Thai Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Industry and Minister of Commerce.


 1. To meet relevant government officials in Bangkok, Thailand and the surrounding provinces to have an update on the Thai market and regulations.

2. To enable companies in Singapore to tap on the business opportunities in Thailand for their expansion.
3. To have business matching with business people in Thailand, based on the Singapore participants’ specific areas of interest for discussion on partnerships, markets and other business interest

Administrative Details

For more information on SMF Business Mission to Bangkok, Thailand please contact:

Mr Leon Chong, Global Business Groups of SMF—Tel: 6826 3036 / email: leon.chong@smfederation.org.sg
Mr Wu Sihan, Global Business Groups of SMF—Tel: 6826 3032 / email: sihan.wu@smfederation.org.sg

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