Jul 11 2018

Busting Services Transactions Myths (SMF Supported Event)

11 Jul 2018 09:00AM to 11 Jul 2018 12:00PM
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06 Jun 2018 09:00AM to 04 Jul 2018 06:00PM

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SMF Supported Events

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Gabriel Tan


Programme Synopsis

The myth that using the “cost plus 5% mark-up” practice for any intra-group service transaction makes an organisation compliant with transfer pricing regulations runs deep and is widely followed, but is ultimately erroneous.
This upcoming session facilitated by Ms Adriana Calderon, Director at Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia, will bust this particular myth and other common mistakes when dealing with services transactions.
Participants will gain practical tips to manage a company’s transfer pricing policy and processes with regard to intra-group services transactions. These include what to conduct in order to proceed with a proper services transaction: benefit tests, analysis of cost, determining appropriate mark-up through benchmarking, and implementing service charge uniformly.
Come gain practical insights through various case studies and learn how to better manage your client’s/ company’s TP affairs in this new era.

$89 (SIATP / ISCA Member)
$109 (SICC / SMF Member / Transfer Pricing Solutions’ Client)
$149 (Non-Member)


Programme Outline

• Learn the essential considerations associated with
intra-group services transactions

• Distinguish which practices can be used in different

• Understand what it takes to ensure that intra-group
services are appropriately priced

• Know how to apply the benefits test, cost analysis and

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For enquiries, please visit www.siatp.org.sg/events, contact Nabila at 6597 5714 / Alastair at 6597 5717 or email to enquiry@siatp.org.sg.

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