Aug 31 2018

The Radars to Establish a Global Tax Control Tower

31 Aug 2018 09:00AM to 31 Aug 2018 12:00PM
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06 Jul 2018 09:45AM to 24 Aug 2018 06:00PM

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Gabriel Tan


We are dealing with a new world order in terms of taxation. Technology disruptions, new business models and an increase in transparency initiatives across the globe requires tax professionals to arm ourselves with not only technical knowledge, but also the need to have a deeper understanding of the environment we are operating in before we are in a position to establish a tax control framework.
Whether you are in a small and medium enterprise or a multinational corporation, as long as you have regional/ global operations, there is a need to have an understanding of the various tax elements, how they interplay and what must be considered in order to instil control in an uncontrollable tax landscape.
Join Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax & GST) Ms Sharon Tan, International Tax Partner and Mr Wong Meng Yew, Leader of Southeast Asia Customs and Global Trade Team at Deloitte Singapore as they share their views around the art and science of managing the tax function in this new era of ambiguity. 

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Programme Outline

• Be aware of key areas of focus to note across the general tax landscape and how this influences the establishment of the Global Tax Control Tower.

• Understand the interplay of (tax) technical, multi-agency (Corporate Tax/ TP/ Indirect Tax/ Custom Authorities etc) and cultural issues in managing international tax.

• Sharing of best practices in the areas of managing tax risks and controversies primarily for the Asia Pacific region

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