Nov 30 2018


30 Nov 2018 04:00PM to 30 Nov 2018 09:00PM
Level 2 Concourse Auditorium

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15 Nov 2018 11:30AM to 30 Nov 2018 11:45PM

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Seminars and Events

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Benjamin Ou-Yang


TGIF@SMF – Building
A Pro-Business Community

Held on the last Friday of every month, TGIF@SMF is the
flagship networking event of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation. TGIF@SMF
cuts across all industry verticals and opens its doors to business people and
corporate executives from all walks of life.

The overarching principle of TGIF@SMF is to deliver to
business owners and corporate executives, important industry updates and market
intelligence, highlight latest industry trends and developments, showcase
disruptive innovations by start-ups and SMEs and lastly to provide information
to SME owners on government incentives, grants and schemes.

From corporate executives to SME owners to MNC directors,
TGIF@SMF is a highly subscribed event by virtue of its unique offering with
respect to its revolving theme concept and programming flow. The October
installation of TGIF@SMF was a major success as we had a total attendance of
193 people who came from SMEs and MNCs.


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