Jan 08 2020

Riau Mission Trip

08 Jan 2020 08:30AM to 09 Jan 2020 03:00PM
Riau (Indonesia)

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13 Nov 2019 09:00AM to 03 Jan 2020 06:00PM

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Industry Group



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Prasunna Ramadas


SMF Industry Groups are jointly organising a mission to discover manufacturing investment opportunities on the nearby islands of Batam and Bintan, Riau Indonesia.  Gather insights into the immediately available and upcoming industrial parks and ports specially designed to host construction materials, marine, machinery, Halal food, and medical technology manufacturers. 

A highlight of the mission is the visit to Schneider Electric’s Batam Smart Factory, which has been designated by the WEF as an Industry 4.0 Lighthouse.

*Do note that there will be a chargeable common cost for this trip, pricing to be advise. 


Participants will gain the contacts and knowledge to begin developing a Riau manufacturing strategy, leveraging the locational cost advantages and bridging the skills gap through the adoption of Industry 4.0 production solutions.

Part of the Mission Trip will be visiting the following: 

Panbil Group Headquarters
- Tour of Panbil Industrial Estate
- Tour of Schneider Electric's Batam Smart Factory
- Bintan Halal Food Hub 

and many more....

Administrative Details

For more information, feel free to contact Ms Prasunna Ramadas at 6826 3045 or Ms Ng Li Kiang at 6826 3012.

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