Apr 30 2020

Singapore Packaging Star Awards 2020 Call for Entries (NOW OPEN)

30 Apr 2020 09:30AM to 30 Apr 2020 06:00PM
SMF Building

Registration Date


17 Jan 2020 04:00PM to 26 Jun 2020 06:00PM

SMF Member Fee



GS1 Member Fee



Non-Member Fee



Event Details

Event Type


Seminars and Events

Industry Group


Packaging Council of Singapore

Contact Person


Lorelle Ang


 The Singapore Packaging Star Award (SPSA) 2020 is at its Sixteenth Edition, organized by the Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS), an industry group under Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). 

The Singapore Packaging Star Award is presented to companies from packaging and printing industry as well as students to vie for this prominent award in packaging excellence, to promote local designs and increases the standards of packaging production. 


The Singapore Packaging Star Award is a prestigious national award honoring companies with innovative and creative packaging designs for their products. It recognizes and rewards excellence in packaging, in areas of construction and materials usage, design, innovation technology and environmental consciousness.

Commercial Sales & Display
Commercial Transportation & Protection
Commercial Environmental Sustainable Packaging
Student Sales & Display

Administrative Details

SMF/ GS1 Member: $420.00 nett per entry
Non Member: $550.00 nett per entry

$160.50 nett per entry

Entry & Product Sample Submission no later than 26 JUNE 2020

You would be entitled to 1 seat at the Singapore Packaging Start Awards (SPSA) Gala Dinner held in 2021.

For more information on SPSA 2020, please contact Ms Lorelle Ang at 68263042 or Ms Yu QianQian at 68263074 or visit the Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS) website here

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