Nov 25 2020

Industry Workshop on
TR 78 : 2020
- Building facade inspection using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

25 Nov 2020 10:00AM to 25 Nov 2020 12:00PM
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21 Oct 2020 09:00AM to 24 Nov 2020 10:00PM

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Industry Group



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Louis Lauw


The Building Façade Inspection using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Working Group under the purview of the Manufacturing Standards Committee has developed a new Technical Reference (TR) entitled "TR 78 : 2020 - Building facade inspection using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)”.

The TR provides a set of non-exhaustive specifications for the use of UAS to conduct inspection of existing building facades. It covers the phases starting from preparation, stakeholder approvals, execution and up to post-flight data processing and report generation.

Join us at this workshop to learn more from UAS experts about the development of TR 78 : 2020 and how you can apply it at your workplace. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on TR 78 : 2020.


Through this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the following aspects of building inspection with the use of UAS, and learn more about how to conduct an inspection in a safe and ethical manner:
  • Personal data protection (privacy)
  • Insurance and liability; and
  • Risk assessment and mitigation 

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Enquiries: Mr Louis Lauw and Ms Stephanie Low

Email: and 

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