Jul 09 2021

GS1 Singapore Retail Forum 2021: Making Sense of Omnichannel Commerce with Data

09 Jul 2021 02:00PM to 09 Jul 2021 05:30PM
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05 May 2021 12:00AM to 08 Jul 2021 12:00AM

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Seminars and Events

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David Chong


In the post COVID- 19 world, business is no longer as usual. The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges across the globe, but there are still business opportunities through omnichannel commerce. Shoppers’ reliance on E-Commerce increased dramatically during the pandemic as there are movement restrictions in public areas. As of May 2020, 66% of global consumers were omnichannel shoppers, with the rates higher in Asia-Pacific (78%) and Africa–Middle East (75%). Those rates speak to the importance of seamless experiences between online and offline environments. [1] Smarter shoppers tend to research on the product info and compare prices before deciding whether to leave home to purchase at a physical store or buy it online. Thus, true omnichannel commerce is built on unique product identification and seamless data sharing to deliver a consistent omnichannel shopping experience.

Recognising the benefits in global business expansion through omnichannel commerce, it is imperative that businesses are equipped with the necessary strategies, tools and leverage on data to thrive in the emerging new reality.

Join this forum and discover secrets to success in expanding your business beyond physical store.

Who should attend?

This forum is tailored for manufacturers, brand owner, supplier, distributors, retailers or who is aspiring to sell in both offline and online.

[1]Covid-19 has flipped the value of proposition of omnichannel shopping for constrained consumers: https://nielseniq.com/global/en/insights/analysis/2020/covid-19-has-flipped-the-value-proposition-of-omnichannel-shopping-for-constrained-consumers/(accessed March 2021)


  • Learn why trusted data is essential as retailers or marketplace need to verify the products they sell using a single source of trusted product information. Useful data also help brand owners to create seamless customer experience.

  • Enlarge your customer base by going onto e-marketplace. Find out how you can get started and what available resources to kick start your online business.

  • Discover latest solution and best practices pertaining to omnichannel commerce

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