May 19 2021

InvoiceNow Webinar

19 May 2021 03:00PM to 19 May 2021 04:00PM
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14 May 2021 05:54PM to 14 May 2021 05:54PM

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Curious why more than 35,000 businesses have already joined the InvoiceNow network?

From faster payments to ease of managing your accounts from the comfort of your home – come hear what other benefits businesses who are using InvoiceNow can experience.

Join IMDA and Abundant Accounting for a live discussion and Q&A to find out all you need to know about Singapore's InvoiceNow initiative happening on 19 May, Wednesday from 3 to 4pm!


Is your business eligible for Productivity Solution Grant - PSG (80% to 98% subsidy) for InvoiceNow Ready Accounting Solution?

Jointly organized by IMDA & Abundant Accounting, we will share more about InvoiceNow also known as E-invoicing, the benefits and how to join the InvoiceNow network. We will also be sharing some success stories of businesses that are using InvoiceNow.

At the same time, learn about PSG which subsidises up to 98% on pre-approved solutions to facilitate working from home.

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