Jun 22 2021

FREE WEBINAR - Modernising Manufacturing Industry with Advanced Mobile Security Management

22 Jun 2021 03:00PM to 22 Jun 2021 04:00PM

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04 Jun 2021 12:00AM to 22 Jun 2021 11:00AM

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Valerie Tan Shao Wei


How could manufacturers ensure high productivity while protecting sensitive data on mobile devices and controlling the use of these devices? 

In this webinar, our expertise will cover:
• How could over-the-air mobile devices introduce new intelligence and modernise manufacturing businesses?
• How could companies leverage mobile apparatuses and capitalise its benefits without cybersecurity risks being introduced?
• Why should manufacturers invest in more advanced mobile device management and how it provides security flexibility and ensures productivity?


Join HGC and SMF webinar to hear the possible cybersecurity loopholes introduced by the accelerated “mobile-first” era and what kinds of cyber defense can be adopted whilst ensuring high productivity.

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Feel free to contact Ms Valerie Tan at 6826 3147 for more information

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