Jul 14 2021

Business Transformation Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

14 Jul 2021 02:00PM to 14 Jul 2021 03:00PM

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17 Jun 2021 12:00AM to 14 Jul 2021 01:00PM

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Seminars and Events

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Regina Lim


 Join SAP and SMF to hear how other manufacturers are moving their businesses forward and learn a few best-practice strategies to:

• Drive customer centricity & serve a “segment of one” – Capture customer requirements efficiently enough to enable customization for every customer’s business at scale.
• Build digital supply networks and smart factories – Intelligently connect assets, processes, business and trading partners to react flexibly to changes in demand, supply, and resources.
• Create outcome-based business models – Shift from selling products to providing complete solutions, with a range of aftersales and value-adding services including and charging for outcomes.


To keep up with the current pace of change, every business must run as an intelligent enterprise and become a digital business. And although moving your ERP and other processes to the cloud isn’t something you do overnight, it is something you can manage, and the benefits of transformation are clear.

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Contact Ms Regina Lim at 6826 3073 for more information

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