Aug 03 2021

Journeying towards the digitalisation of global supply chains: Perspectives across the Industry

03 Aug 2021 03:00PM to 03 Aug 2021 04:00PM

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01 Jul 2021 09:00AM to 30 Jul 2021 06:00PM

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Seminars and Events

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Prasunna Ramadas


Effective digitalisation includes participation from stakeholders across the entire entire supply chain: For example, from a myriad of smaller suppliers to large conglomerates, distributors and finally end consumers. It is only through an inclusive approach that digital platforms and solutions can deliver its greatest potential to all partners collaborating across global supply chains.

Our panel will uncover valuable insights across distinct perspectives, to shed light on individual journeys, challenges faced and lessons learnt.


In a collaboration with SMF X Trames, join us for a panel discussion on how digital solutions can be more deliberately fashioned to cater to the needs and requirements of SME.

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For more information, you may contact Ms Prasunna Ramadas at 6826 3045 or Ms Ng Li Kiang at 6826 3012. 

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