Nov 01 2023

Sustainability in Manufacturing

01 Nov 2023 05:00PM to 01 Nov 2023 07:00PM
ISCA House

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29 Sep 2023 02:30PM to 29 Sep 2023 03:00PM

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Seminars and Events

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Lorelle Ang


The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in Singapore’s economy. With expectations rising along the value chain, manufacturing companies across the globe are recognising that sustainability is no longer optional; but an imperative. 

What sustainability developments might we expect to see in this sector in the near future? What are the sustainability opportunities and risks for manufacturing companies?

Attend to gain insights into sustainable best practices that manufacturing companies can adopt and explore the role that finance professionals can play in supporting sustainability efforts in the manufacturing sector.

This event is jointly organized by The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and Singapore Manufacturing Federation.


 Panel Discussion Details

Moderator: Mr Koh Wee Kwang, Sustainability & Climate Change Committee, ISCA


Dr Bicky Bhangu, Chairman, SICC and President, South East Asia, Pacific & South Korea, Rolls-Royce
Mr Nigel Lee, Country Manager, Lenovo
Mr Clement Teo, Chief Sustainability Officer, SMF

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Date: 1st November 2023
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Location: ISCA House
      60 Cecil St, Singapore 049709

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