Nov 23 2023

(Training) WSQ Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations

23 Nov 2023 09:00AM to 24 Nov 2023 06:00PM

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08 Nov 2023 10:30AM to 08 Nov 2023 06:00PM

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Jack Lim


 This course aims to provide people currently working in or wishing to enter the logistics environment with the skills and knowledge required to perform their jobs effectively and in a setting within the manufacturing sectors.

This course is developed to enable an individual to acquire the skills and knowledge in performing stock control and housekeeping operations. It includes applying stock taking procedures, controlling non-conforming products and performing housekeeping.

This course is specially developed by Singapore Workforce Development Agency to facilitate approved organizations under the WSQ scheme in training and preparing their staff to achieve the Statement of Attainment (SOA) for the competency unit "Perform Stick Control and Housekeeping Operations."


 At the end of the training programme, the participant will be able to perform the following:

1. Apply stock taking procedures
2. Control non-conforming products
3. Perform housekeeping

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 If keen to register, please email for more information.

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