Dec 07 2023

Road to Net Zero: Why sustainability has become an essential part for businesses

07 Dec 2023 02:00PM to 07 Dec 2023 04:00PM

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07 Dec 2023 02:00PM to 07 Dec 2023 02:30PM

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David Ng


 Dear SMF Members

With growing environmental awareness and ESG reporting becoming mandatory in more countries, the focus on sustainable practices is more critical than ever. Singapore is no exception. The launch of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 by the Singapore government highlights the importance of galvanising a whole-of-nation movement to advance Singapore's national agenda on sustainable development.


In this session, we seek to bring together companies who are driving the energy transition towards a net-zero world, highlight why sustainability has become an essential part of businesses, and what some companies have done to include sustainability energy as part of their energy strategy to advance on their decarbonisation efforts.

Together, we'll address key challenges and forge sustainable energy initiatives that will shape Singapore's future.

Event Speakers
  • Mr Lorenzo MANCINI, Head of Sales SE Asia, TotalEnergies Renewables Distributed Generation Asia
  • Mr Kah Chin TEO, Portfolio Manager, Biogas, GRP, TotalEnergies
  • Ms Yoonmee JEONG, Managing Director, Head of Sustainability Office, Global Wholesale Banking, OCBC
  • Mr David YEO, Principal Consultant / Director, Valores Global

Key Highlights
  • Market overview, challenges and success practices of companies
  • What has the market been doing and what needs to be done more in the future?
  • Why is now the best time to start and what does it mean for businesses?
  • How partnerships and collaborations can play a crucial role in supporting B2B customers in their decarbonization efforts

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 Event Details:

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm, 7 December 2023

Venue: TotalEnergies - 182 Cecil Street, #27-01 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547

*Light refreshments will be provided

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