Apr 04 2024

(For Manufacturing Sector)
WSQ Apply Root Cause Analysis

04 Apr 2024 09:00AM to 05 Apr 2024 06:00PM

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05 Feb 2024 12:00AM to 03 Apr 2024 06:00PM

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Jack Lim


– Introduction to the Root Cause Analysis Methodology

– Problem-Solving Team Formation
– Problem Identification
– Effective Data Collection
– Analytical Tools to Identify Possible Causes
– Drilling Down the Root Cause
– Direct Cause, Contributing Cause and Root Cause
– Why-Why Analysis
– Generating, Selection and Testing of Solutions
– Monitoring Effectiveness of Solutions
– Assessment of Results and Reporting


At the end of the training programme, the participant will be able to:

Identify problems systematically
Collect relevant information to clarify the problems.
Analyse root cause(s)
Suggest an action(s) to resolve the problems.

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Please click the link to register: https://www.smfccl.sg/programmes/apply-root-cause-analysis/

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