Feb 19 2024

Effective Pricing Strategies

19 Feb 2024 09:00AM to 19 Feb 2024 06:00PM

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05 Feb 2024 12:00AM to 16 Feb 2024 06:00PM

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Jack Lim


• Introduction: purpose of the course & expectations

• Warm-up activity: “The Price is Right”
• Pre-course presentation
  – Teams discuss the influences, activities and outcomes of pricing actions
• Issues & Challenges with Pricing Products
• Factors Affecting Pricing Decision: Internal vs External
• Pricing Influence Puzzle
• Exercise: Your Pricing Strategy


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

-Understanding of the framework that supports a set of pricing strategies
-Identify customer value as the basis for successful pricing and to understand how dynamic customer needs can influence pricing decisions
-Examines the fundamental basics for pricing like the economics of supply and demand and the overall determinants of demand
-Plan and create relevant pricing strategies for the products

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 Please click the link to register: https://www.smfccl.sg/programmes/effective-pricing-strategies/

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