May 20 2024

Effective Business Writing Skills

20 May 2024 09:00AM to 21 May 2024 06:00PM

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13 Feb 2024 12:00AM to 17 May 2024 06:00PM

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Jack Lim


1.Introduction to Business Writing
2.Back to the Basics
3.Sharpening Your Business Writing
4.Basic Questioning Skills
5.Composing Clear Communication
6.Strengthening Your Memos, E-mail, Letter and Report Writing
7.The Writer’s Role on Social Media internally and externally


At the end of the 2-days programme, participants will be able to:

1.learn how to apply basic communication principles and communicate effectively via your writing.
2.learn how to organize your thoughts and structure your messages to make your point as well as tips and techniques that will improve the style of your messages.
3.discuss the common errors people make and what to look out for when drafting your piece of business correspondence and reports.

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