May 20 2024

Managing Difficult Customers Effectively

20 May 2024 09:00AM to 20 May 2024 06:00PM

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13 Feb 2024 12:00AM to 17 May 2024 06:00PM

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Jack Lim


1.What are some characteristics of Difficult People?
2.What are the underlying causes that make people difficult?
3.Are you ABLE?
4.What does customer service mean to me?
5.Repercussions of dis-satisfied customers
6.What are the benefits of good service to you and to your organisation
7.Customer service or customer satisfaction
8.Your Personality Profile
9.How your personality affects customer satisfaction?
10.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
11.How to provide good customer care to the different personalities?
12.Managing relationships
13.Recognizing your feelings: Faces
14.Your Emotional Loop
15.How to manage your feelings?
16.5 Steps to Handling Complaints
17.What complaints do your receive?
18.Participants to apply strategies and tactics


1.   Identify the causes that make people difficult
2.   Manage difficult customers more professionally
3.   Identify personality types and apply time tested strategies in handling them
4.   Manage their negative feelings when dealing with difficult customers

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